Demon Within by Josh GagnierDemon Within by Josh Gagnier

Publisher: PorterMouth (Dec 18, 2016)
Category: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Tour dates: Mar & Apr, 2018
Available in Print & ebook, �210 pages

Demon Within

Joe grew up listening to the voice in his head. It helped him through school, helped him gain wealth in his career.

The final temptation of power was too much. He hadn’t considered the cost.

Now he must find a way to defeat The Demon Within.

Little does he know, his every move is being recorded. Every misstep is being judged. As he gets ever closer to winning over his demon, heavenly eyes watch from above. Some root for his success while others hope he’ll fail.

While Joe fights his demon on the battlefront, the angel Michael fights for his Soul.

Will Joe win out? Will Michael be able to save Joe’s soul?

Or will the Demon win and thrust Joe into the Abyss.

Praise Demon Within by Josh Gagnier

�This author is amazingly talented, quite honestly the Dan Brown of the Dark Urban Fantasy genre. This is a book that will hook you in and you will find it very difficult to put down. I read this book in one sitting, it was that well written. I highly recommend this book. And I can’t wait for the next one!�- Andrew T., Reviewer

�The Demon Within is an outstanding read. It is a dark fantasy that will take you through twists and turns and keep you guess the whole way. The writer did a fantastic job with the creativity and complexity of the story line as well with the characters. You will not be disappointed!�- Nick Barth, Reviewer

�This book is amazing. The author has a way with words, his twists and turns keep you hooked. I couldn’t put it down. Waiting for part two, I see this as the door way into the fantasy realm!�- Andy Burk, Reviewer

�The Demon Within opens with an interesting twist on the ideas of Creation, God, Angels and Demons. It then morphs into what at first seems to be a courtroom drama – Defense and Prosecution “ministers” arguing based on a Soul’s actions to decide if that Soul is worthy of Heaven, while a Judge rules based on their arguments. The book evolves again as we delve deeper into the life and actions of the Soul in question, going back and forth between the actions and the court. The switches between each setting are very well done, and you never lose a sense of continuity. Each chapter builds on the last, leading to several INSANE revelations, and leaving you begging for more. The cliffhanger at the end makes you want to choke the author…or go all Dolores Claiborne on him until he writes the sequel (Hurry up, already!!!) A great read, and one which I will return to several times, in case I missed anything. I read this book in just a couple of sittings. The only reason it wasn’t a single sitting is that I had to go to work.�- Tommy Watson, Reviewer



The image of the Soul and Belath fades into a cloud of smoke as Prophecy breaks the psychic link to that moment in time, called an event. It takes few minutes for me to gather my wits. The only thing worse is the Soul Memory Wipe. At the beginning of a Judgment Council, every instance of the Soul on trial is removed from the Defense and Prosecution Ministers’ memory.

The Memory Wipe is to remove any possible bias, including family affiliation; some Souls have high-ranking Angelic and Demonic parents. Many millennia ago, before our current Grand Master, an Angel convinced the Prosecution Minister to lose a case, allowing for an easier Paradise ruling for his son. When that Grand Master became aware of it, nothing could be done as all rulings are final. To ensure this never recurred, he declared all memories of the Soul would be removed before trial and would be returned after the final ruling.

Removing memories of the Soul also forces the ruling to be made only on the events brought before the Judgment Council. Actions that can equally be argued for good or evil are brought to the attention of the Defense and Prosecution Ministers. It is their responsibility to argue these events to their own favor. The Defense highlights benevolent portions of the event and attempts to show the actions are justified by the end result. The Prosecution, on the other hand, spotlights even the slightest of grievances in an attempt to force the Soul to The Abyss. Grand Master is aware of actions that are primarily benevolent, as well as those primarily malevolent, and includes those when making his final ruling. After the arguments have been made on the event, the memory is removed from each Minister. This means each event brought to the Judgment Council is argued as if it is the only thing separating the Soul from Paradise and The Abyss.


Sahiva is much more experienced and always beats me to the punch with initial arguments. I have grown so accustomed to this I tend to let her take the first strike even when I have a great case. My father taught me, “He who strikes before gaining his footing is most often felled by a patient sniper,” so I have learned to let her arrogance be my greatest ally. As expected, she goes for an easy target.

“This Soul killed three men whom he knew he had outmatched. He even tells them ‘this is a fight you cannot win,’ only to massacre them in a matter of moments. He didn’t even break a sweat when speaking to the last man; he just walked up and cleaned his knife on the guy’s pants. There is no doubt this is malicious,” Sahiva proclaims in her standard, near grandstand manner.

With this opening, I am confident I can argue this event in my favor, but I must not let it show on my face. I wait patiently as Sahiva flails her arms, yelling in her over-dramatic style, and finally she takes her place in the Prosecution Box. No objection is needed; she has opened the door for my win. I only have to tell the story right. I calmly walk to the center of the hall and take my place in the Speaker’s Box.

“I am glad you emphasized the fact he killed three men, Sahiva. I would also like to thank you for pointing out he did not kill the fourth man after he was no longer a threat,” I say, nodding to Sahiva in feigned gratitude. Turning back to Grand Master, I continue.

“This proves this Soul was only defending himself. It can further be argued he wasn’t defending only himself, but also defending the man he was with, Belath.” I pause to take a breath; I can’t let the feeling of victory show on my face. I take a brief second to compose myself and turn to those in the Colosseum seating in an attempt to hide my face from both Sahiva and Grand Master.

“As you can see by the event, Belath is an older gentleman, possibly incapable of defending himself in situations such as these. Even if he is able to defend himself, remember the Soul stated, ‘I don’t want to know you.’ This tells us he does not know the man, thus showing he is not aware of any defense or fighting abilities he may or may not possess. I submit he was only defending the weak, thus making this event benevolent.” I give my prescribed bow and return to my seat.

Grand Master seems to have been moved by my position because he gives me an applauding nod before turning back to Sahiva.

“Does Prosecution have further cross arguments?” He asks in a tone that makes me feel he doesn’t think cross is necessary.

“But of course, Grand Master, thank you for allowing it,” she says, giving a sarcastic curtsy, knowing cross is allowed, if not required, for all events. She takes her place in the Speaker’s Box and continues.

“I would also like to thank the Defense Minister for pointing out the fact the Soul assumed this man was not able to defend himself. He assumed this man could not have handled this situation in a more diplomatic manner. This shows how prideful he is; we cannot tolerate this level of pride. What if these men were merely desperate and looking for food? What if—”

“Objection! Those men will have their own Judgment Council,” I protest more childishly than I had hoped.

“Grand Master, if the motives of these men cannot be determined as malicious, we cannot simply assume the Soul was acting in righteous anger.” Sahiva is always quick on her feet.

“I agree with the Defense Minister. Sahiva, please keep your arguments based on the actions of the Soul in question,” Grand Master says in his judicial voice while again giving me an approving nod.

“As you wish. I have nothing further, Grand Master,” she says as she almost stomps back to the Prosecution Box.

“Defense Minister, do you have anything further?” Grand Master asks in a tone that tells me I have nearly won this event’s argument.

“I have only one more thing to mention, Grand Master. I feel I must point out the Soul stayed with Belath after the attack. I argue this was to protect him against possible attacks in the future. Please take this into consideration when making your decision.” I finish my arguments and hope for the best.

“I most certainly will take that into account, Defense Minister. With that final argument, I rule this event as benevolent. We will take a short recess, during which you are to eat and go through a Soul Memory Wipe for this event. We will return in two hours. You are dismissed. Prophecy, be sure the next event is ready when we return.” And with that, Grand Master and Council retire to the antechamber.

About Josh GagnierDemon Within by Josh Gagnier

Josh has had a knack for writing from a young age; mostly poetry.��The Demon Within�is his debut novel and, according to Josh, nearly wrote itself.� He is a US Army veteran and has been deployed to the Balkans and Middle East.� He has been an IT professional for about a decade.
Many of the events in�The Demon Within�were taken from Josh’s life and “put through the fiction blender” as he puts it.� When pressed for more details, he said he couldn’t give specifics for fear of “giving spoilers,” but, he did say the book includes fictional spins on things ranging from childhood bullying to being placed in the Las Vegas foster care system.
He currently lives in Columbus OH with his family and is working on book two of his ‘The Last War’ series.


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