Parisa by Conrad TrumpParisa by Conrad Trump

Publisher:  High Peaks Publishing (September 7, 2015)
Category: Contemporary Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Tour dates: Mar/Apr, 2018
ISBN: 978-0976159766
Available in Print and ebook,292 pages

When world class snowboarding sensation, Scott Locke, returns to his home in West Virginia to be honored by the ski resort where he worked as a teenager, a freak accident costs him the opportunity to compete in the upcoming X-Games.  Broken and distraught, the competition soon becomes a secondary consideration when Scott unwittingly releases a force that has been locked away for centuries, a force so powerful and dark that it threatens all mankind.

Parisa is an ancient spirit; exotic, beautiful, and mysterious, yet out of place in today’s world.  Scott must find a way to help her acclimate and nurture respect, love, and tolerance for humanity.   The plan begins to backfire as Scott develops feelings for Parisa, and he is drawn into her world of magic and power.  In the face of great temptations, Scott must make the ultimate choice.  He must decide to sacrifice his love for the sake of all mankind or give in to his passion and enjoy the riches and rewards of unlimited power.

Praise Parisa by Conrad Trump

“Parisa held my interest and was hard to put down. I enjoyed it and can’t wait for Conrad to write another story. I believe Parisa would make a good movie!”- Debbie Moore, Reviewer

“I read Conrad’s book in less than three days. Not only is it a good story, but anyone from West Virginia will love the way Conrad blended our home state into the story about a West Virginia native who becomes a world class snow boarder. This gave us native mountaineers a great deal to be proud of not only with the West Virginia setting, but knowing our native son has developed into a great writer.
I look forward to reading more stories written by Conrad in the future. I loved the book.”-KC Bohrer, Reviewer

“What an excellent book! This book keeps you hanging until you get to the next page. An excellent read by an excellent author! I am looking forward to reading future books by this author! Excellent word choice provides vivid pictures throughout the story. Excellent story line.”- Meredith L. Zirkleml, Reviewer


After witnessing what Scott was able to achieve on the superpipe, Parisa was impressed. Watching him twist, spin in the air, and reach incredible heights and float back to earth without crashing gave her pause and forced her to look at him in a new light.
She had refrained from using her magic to help him, though she had offered. But she understood that this was his challenge and that her help would not be appreciated. Parisa withdrew and became a spectator after her one and only interference. That had happened on the first trick on Scott’s first practice run.
Soon after Parisa had created the superpipe for training just east of Cold Creek Road, Scott had taken his first trip down the pipe. He planned on starting out simple and on executing a double cork for the first maneuver, which he had been performing with relative ease for many years. It was a trick created by David Benedek for the Snowboard Big Air competition. Scott had modified it and had used it frequently on the half-pipe. While executing the maneuver, Scott inverted himself twice sideways during his aerial rotation. He reached a height of seventeen feet above the pipe, which, when added to the twenty-two foot wall of ice he had come shooting up out of, meant that he was performing the trick at almost forty feet in the air before gravity forced his inevitable descent back down.
Only on that first run out of the shoot, he didn’t return to earth. After his second rotation to his side, all motion suddenly stopped, and he found himself suspended in the air just like the roses had been. Without fear, he looked to find that Parisa had levitated herself to meet him. She was floating just below his head. Turned as he was on his side, he found himself looking directly into her beautiful lavender eyes. “Hey,” he said. “I seem to be kinda stuck here.”
“My Scott, this is very dangerous,” Parisa told him. “You are too high.”
He couldn’t help but laugh. “Parisa, I have done this many times before. I’ll be fine.”
“My Scott, you could die.”
“I won’t die.”
“If you want to fly, then I can take you as high as you want to go.”
“Parisa, this is different, and I have to do this on my own with no help. This has to be me, just me.”
“You will get hurt.”
“You said you can tell if a person is lying. I promise to land safely. Am I lying, Parisa?”
“No, you don’t seem to be.”
“Then let me go, and watch.”
She shook her head. “I cannot.”
“Please don’t make me command it. Be my friend, and trust me. Let me show you what I can do.”
And suddenly, he was falling freely out of the double cork. The earth was coming toward him fast. Scott’s concentration was gone after his tea break in the middle of his trick. It was everything he could do to get the back end of his board to catch the pipe’s wall to slow his inertia down. Snow and ice flew up from his Burton’s back left edge. The snow and ice sprayed up and out, shooting like a sideways geyser. Scott was too far forward, and he had to throw himself back to keep from tumbling down the face of the wall. Flapping his arms like a chicken, he was able to keep his upper body righted until he could cut the board and slide it to a stop in the belly of the pipe. Parisa floated down from above and stood next to him on the snow.
Scott gave her a hug and laughed at the amazed look on her face. “You haven’t seen anything yet. I’m just getting warmed up.”
Parisa bent over and touched his board. “It’s a magic carpet with no magic,” she told him. “You can fly. How do you do that with no magic?”
Scott pulled her back up. Smiling, he asked, “Who told you I can’t do magic?” Then he took her in his arms and leaned in close enough to touch her forehead with his cold, wet nose. There were snowflakes on her eyelashes and a pinkish hue to her lips and cheeks. He hadn’t seen it coming, but it was probably as inevitable as gravity pulling him back into the pipe. Scott murmured her name—“Parisa”—and he kissed her.

AboutConrad TrumpParisa by Conrad Trump

Conrad Trump was raised in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, where he still resides.  He received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in Special Education from Old Dominion University.

Conrad has worked with youth, guiding troubled teens for the past quarter of a century at a residential school outside of Winchester, Virginia.

Prior to the publication of Parisa, Conrad had dozens of shorter pieces of fiction published in magazines and anthologies.  In addition to writing, he is an award winning and published artist with his paintings featured in national juried exhibitions.  Conrad is also an accomplished and published photographer.  He is an outdoor enthusiast and an avid supporter of all things West Virginia.  He and his wife, Kim, have been married for twenty-five years.  Together they have two children, Hilary and Shaun.


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