Hiding a Wolfe
by EA Hunt
Genre: Romance
Lt. Paul Wolfe’s last deployment had cost him everything. His fiancee,
his leg, his mental stability. So when his name comes up for a
service animal to help him with his anxiety he wonders if he will be
good enough for the animal or will he push it away like he has done
so many other things in his life.

Alice Saint loved what she did she gave people the ability to get their
lives back by providing them with service animals. One special animal
was to be given to Lt Paul Wolfe a special case who was recommended
by one of the therapist she worked with.
When the day of the animal exchange to sparks fly for Alice and Paul
causing their lives to change in so many different and amazing ways.
        He could call. He should call. Thank her for Wallie again. Maybe see if she

would like to grab some lunch. No. Paul released a breath as he lay on his bed.

He’d been thinking about her for days and now he had her number. Her personal

number and he was balking at calling. He closed his eyes. Why was he being such

a wuss? He’d never been afraid to call a woman a day in his life and here he was

staring at her number afraid to push ‘call’.

“Come on, Wallie. Give me an idea of what I should do here,” he said while

looking at the dog

Wallie lifted his head from the floor, tilted it to the right and gave him an ‘I

don’t know’ look.

“That’s not helping,” he sighed. “Alice is a beautiful woman and I’m a

charred mess.” Paul dropped his phone on the bed. He was missing part of his leg,

still had nightmares almost two years after the accident and always thought people

were staring at him. What kind of a date could he offer her? One where he was

agitated all the time. Even if, she was able to look past the agitation, his face and

body, and they made to bed, he would scare the crap out of her because the past

still haunted him. Causing gut wrenching nightmares where he could potentially

harm someone close to him. He had almost injured his mother when she had tried

to wake him from one. No woman wanted that. Paul picked up the phone. He

needed to erase her number. Needed to leave Alice – was calling …well texting

him. Paul swallowed. How – He slide the screen to open.

“Hope you don’t mind I got your number from your file,” Alice’s message


Paul hit reply, “no, I don’t mind.”

       “Good. I normally don’t text clients but I wanted to check in on Wallie,” She

didn’t really want to check in with her former companion. She knew how he was.

Wallie was an easy-going pup who loved almost all he met.

“He’s fine. Doing a great job,” Paul replied.

“Good. I’m glad he’s working out. I would hate for you to return him.” She

needed to just ask him out. Clarita was right there was no reason she couldn’t. She

wasn’t one who truly believed in not dating a client. You could find your soulmate

in the most interesting places.

“Why would I return him? He’s helping me in so many ways.” Whenever he

was feeling down, Wallie would come with his leash and just sit before Paul until

the man got up and they headed out the door.

“You would be surprised at how many people return animals, thinking they

can’t help.”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t.”

“No, you probably wouldn’t. Well I’m glad Wallie is working out.” She was

about to chicken out. She could feel it in her bones she was about –

“I do have one complaint,” Paul informed her. He was going to ask her. He

was going to see if she would have lunch with him. Well him and Wallie.

“A complaint?”

“Yes, Wallie snores. I would have liked to have known that before you

handed him off. The first time I heard him, I thought someone was knocking on my

door. I bolted upright in bed almost falling out of it.”

“Ouch. Sorry. I meant to tell you. I got so distracted that it completely

slipped my mind.”

“It’s ok.”

”It’s not, but it will be if you let me make it up to you.” Alice countered. She

was going to put her big girl panties on and ask him out

“You don’t have to.” Paul replied

“I do. I should have let you know about his awful snoring. How about

lunch? You and Wallie,” she added her other favorite person hoping Paul wouldn’t

back out.

He read the message again. She was asking him out. A beautiful woman like

Alice Saint was asking him out.


      His fingers hovered over the keys. Here he was wondering how to ask her

out and here she was asking him

“I have a meeting at a restaurant about a block from the center. If you want

we can meet about one, tomorrow?” Alice hit ‘send’ then waited. She released one

breath then another. By the third breath, she was getting worried he was going to

turn her down. Which wouldn’t surprise her. Paul was gorgeous and she wasn’t.

She was about to turned off her phone, roll over and wallow in the fact he was

turning her down, when her phone beeped. She looked at the screen and smiled

Paul had accepted. She fell on the bed, a huge grin on her face what the hell was

she going to wear?

Author EA Hunt was born the youngest of William and Natlean Bills’ four
children. EA was raised in Joliet, IL; an suburb of Chicago, and went
to college at Kentucky State University where she earned her
Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and sung in the Gospel Ensemble. EA
had two daughters, Tayla Elizabeth and Ava Elease. EA, Tayla and Ava
reside in Marietta, Ga, an suburb of Atlanta, Ga.

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