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Date Published: June, 2017
 With this book all you need to do is gather a few household items and you can recreate dozens of mind-blowing, kid-tested science experiments. Meant for kids between six to ten, it is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction book for children. It introduces kids to the magic of motion, energy, chemistry, art, games, math fun; understanding basic scientific principles and most importantly, having a blast making them. Inside this book you will find projects that bursts, glows, erupts, spins, runs, ticks and more!
There is also a BONUS: A FREE downloadable book on young kid inventors and their inventions.

Make a simple pulley using a wheel and axle from household goods


1 yarn ball
1 empty ribbon spool
1 plastic cup
Pencils or wood for the axle


TIME: 30 mins

SCIENCE FUN FACTS: Learn about a simple machine like a pulley. How it can make things easier to move from one place to another. Understand how wheel and axle can be used to make lifting easy and effective.


STEP 1: Make the pulley basket: Take the plastic cup and make 3 holes like a triangle.

STEP 2: Feed some yarn through the holes and tie, giving the cup a short handle.

STEP 3: Construct the pulley: Tie the yarn to the basket. The length of the yarn can be 10 feet or more, depending on how long you want the rope to be.

STEP 4: Run the yarn over the spool.

STEP 5: Insert the pencil through the spool hole and tape both the ends to the staircase railing bars. This should be done in such a way that the basket dangles from the stairs and can be easily pulled up or down. Your pulley is ready! Have fun lifting things all the way to the top of the stairs!

The pulley with the basket is ready! Have fun pulling and moving things from one place to the other.

Make a structure with Legos to hold a tea light

Materials needed:
Wooden mini blocks
Wooden popsicle sticks
LED tea light (non-flammable)
Lego pieces
Hot glue gun/glue sticks

TIME: 30 mins


SCIENCE FUN FACTS: This is a great craft for kids to understand structure and design. Amazing activity to recognize concepts of space, architecture, and fun to do with friends, individually or for parties!

STEP 1: Build the base using popsicle sticks

Start putting together the wooden blocks and Lego pieces. Make sure you build around the tea light so that you can have space for the tea light to fit in the center.

Start gluing the Lego pieces and the wooden blocks onto your popsicle base. Ensure you have an adult help with the hot glue gun.

STEP 4: This serves great as a night-light. Building a structure with the Lego pieces as high as you want. Show it off!

About the Author

Sumita Mukherjee is a NASA STEM certified leader and children’s book author. She has been fortunate enough to travel around the globe, explore many countries and meet different people. Mysteries and adventures have been captured from there in the form of Keiko and Kenzo’s travel adventure series. These books are to inspire young readers to know and appreciate various countries, develop a love for discovery and learn about the world around them. Her series of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) books encourages kids to invent and explore, to empower themselves and see themselves as world leaders and problem solvers. Her books celebrate diversity, spark curiosity and capture children’s imaginations! Sumita currently lives in Toronto with her family.
Her website, WizKids.Club was created with a vision to raise the next generation of creative leaders. WizKids.Club offers highly engaging kids activities, educational books, experiments, hands-on projects, DIYs, travel stories and engineering books perfect for children 4-12 years to spark creativity and scientific learning.
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