Someone To Stay
By B.M. Sandy
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult Romance
Two lovers.
Eight weeks.
One town.
Life is short – this Cassie Mills knows. In the wake of a devastating
loss, she has reshaped her life, carving out a limited place for
herself with her grief-narrowed perception of the world. But when
Jake Mason, an elusive yet famous British actor, comes to her small
Pennsylvania town with an entire movie crew to film for two months,
she is asked to cater to him and his colleagues in the hotel
restaurant where she works. After a strange, but memorable meeting,
she tells herself she’ll never see the kind and handsome man up close
again. The very next night, though, he shows up again for dinner, and
the spotlight is on Cassie again.
Jake Mason’s career is flooded with endless Do Not Disturb signs. He’s
notorious for hiding during shoots; nobody seems to really know him.
He’s worked hard for his career, and he accepted a long time ago that
privacy was a valuable commodity that he should never relinquish.
Accepting a leading role in a film that places him in a small town in
Pennsylvania, he is forced his first night there to attend a private
dinner with nineteen of his fellow cast and crew – definitely outside
of his comfort zone. But after losing his phone, he finds himself
intrigued by the waitress who helps him, and begins to wonder if some
sacrifices might be worth making after all.
              “It’s okay to be hurt,” she said, softly. “It’s okay to feel.”
Cassie stooped down, wiping the stone off with the back of her hand, wiping some dirt and leaves off of it, avoiding acknowledging her sorrow as she did so. Sam understood, to some extent, what it felt like to lose someone. Her own dad had walked out on her and her mom when she was only twelve. Cassie could still remember the hush that had gone around the school when kids realized it; in such a small town, that sort of thing was talked about.
“I was so mad at him,” Cassie said finally in little more than a whisper, resting her hand on the stone. She tried to remember what her dad looked like on that hospital bed. She tried to remember what he looked like before it, the cancer. She squeezed her hand into a tight fist when she realized she couldn’t quite get the details right. “For being sick. For ruining my life. That’s why I never talked about it.”
B. M. Sandy lives in Youngstown, Ohio with her husband and her one-eyed
cat child, Maia. She’s a lover of books, film, and all things
imaginary. Someone to Stay is her first published novel.
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