A Walk Between the Winds

By Toni Morrow Wyatt & Margaret Chism Morrow

 Genre: Historical Mystery


Haunted by a Spirit Warrior, Soft Morning Mist, a young woman of the Skuna

River Chickasaw tribe, feels trapped into a marriage she does not


 When her friend, Swamp Lily, disappears, Soft Morning Mist suspects foul

play when a lecherous, old man from the Hatchie River tribe accosts

her. The mournful howls of a dog lead her to Swamp Lily’s body. As

rumors of suicide circle, she fights to prove it was murder. 

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Through the doorway, she searched for help. That was when she saw him—her Spirit Warrior. She had searched for him in every village of the vast Chickasaw domain since he had first appeared in her dreams years ago.

He came out of a hut built on a high mound across the way and descended a flight of log steps. He wore a fine, feather cloak and a crown of red tasseled swan feathers. A white egret feather woven into his hair twirled with his movements. Tall with warm brown skin, he was her dream come to life.

Rejoicing at having finally found him, she reached out her hand. The urge to touch him, to feel his arms encasing her body, was overwhelming. The longing for the soft touch of his lips on her own was enough to drive her mad. He was coming to save her from this vile woman lurking in the shadows.

As he came down the steps and left her view, she strained against the bonds that held her tight, desperate to keep her eyes on him. A grapevine rope slid over her head and down her sweat soaked neck. It twined around like a snake curling itself into a deadly coil, tighter and tighter until she struggled to breathe. She choked as it gradually and steadily cut off her life. A world of blackness and eternal sorrow awaited her in the afterlife.

With her last bit of strength, she fought. Screams from the depths of her soul erupted from her throat.

As a child, Toni Morrow Wyatt’s family spent nearly every summer

visiting relatives in a small, rural community in Arkansas. Finding

magic in this place, it is the setting for many of her novels. Her

love for southern fiction led to the writing of her upcoming novel, A

Killing Among Friends, and also, Return to Rocky Gap. Her work has

appeared in From the Depths Literary Journal and Belle Reve Literary

Journal. She writes an eclectic blog titled, A Pinch of Me, on

Tumblr. She was previously an independent bookseller, owning and

operating Kindred Books for seven years.

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