Hi everyone!

I just started my own blog. This is my first time so bear with me.

I created this blog to share my inputs about the booka I’ve read, reading and will read. I will also include anything related to reading and some other stuff that I can think of.

Reading books is a hobby I have since high school. When ebooks were invented I was super excited and exhilirated ‘coz I can get some of them for free! Yey! Lately I discovered that I can get ARCs (advance reader copy) for free if I will volunteer to post a review in amazon and goodreads once I finished reading it.

I was also delighted when my husband gave me a Kindle paperwhite for christmas 2 years ago. And since then, I was on a look out for free kindle books on amazon. I even signed up for daily emails from a website that lists free kindle books. What more can I ask for? Yey!

So now, I will also include in this blog the free kindle books thats worth downloading (for me that is).

Will post soon!


PS. Thats a beautiful view of Japan from our hotel room when we stayed there before christmas last year 🙂