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January 2016

Review: The Score

Review: The Score by Elle Kennedy           This is the third book of the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy and it doesn't disappoint. This time its the story of Dean and Hannah's best friend Allie. It... Continue Reading →

Review: The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

And I chose The Fifth Wave. Maybe because its going to be shown to cinemas soon and Im a fan of apocalyptic dystopian books. And and and Chloe Grace Moretz is portraying Cassie in the movie 🙂   Do you... Continue Reading →

What’s Next?

Now I have to choose which one of these books shall I read and make a review. Wil it be:   A. Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey - its on the list because its going to be shown on the... Continue Reading →


I recently read a book by Mallory Crowe, Taming The Boss (Billionaires In The City Book 7) just after the holidays and its the first book I've read in 2016.  And here's my short review: I got a free copy from the... Continue Reading →

Chic Lits etc

  Care to check these out? Some are free, some are hugely discounted. I will post my reviews soon! Yours Completely by Krista Lakes   Available in Amazon for $0.99 only Synopsis: Maids don't ever get to go to the... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I just started my own blog. This is my first time so bear with me. I created this blog to share my inputs about the booka I've read, reading and will read. I will also include anything related... Continue Reading →

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